Join Us in Celebrating
Miami (& Everglades) Dark Sky Week!

Join us April 2022 as we celebrate the wonder and value of the natural nocturnal environment and explore the night sky. Learn about the impacts of artificial light at night on humans, wildlife, ecology, and the climate; and how we can protect and restore the health and wonder of the nighttime world in Miami-Dade and rest of the Greater Everglades.

During International Dark-Sky Week (April 22-30, 2022), join us in Miami-Dade County, in the Greater Everglades, and in other parts of Florida as together, with others around the globe, we seek to #DiscoverTheNight. This year it will be special because Dark Sky Week will start on #EarthDay (April 22). So, let's also celebrate it as #EarthNight !!

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We'll soon be updating the website and calendar, to share educational activities, virtual events, stories, resources & other ideas that will inspire you, your family, your friends & your co-workers to LOOK UP:
#DiscoverTheNight, this #EarthDay #EarthWeek #EarthNight #DarkSkyWeek.

Pollution comes in many forms, and while light pollution may not always be obvious, it has detrimental impacts to humans and all life on our planet, especially the world’s night creatures. Light pollution also wastes energy and money! The good news: light pollution is easier, and less costly, to tackle!

In Miami, in the Everglades, in the Keys, a world with less light pollution offers us countless wonders!

Let's #DiscoverTheNight together.

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